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Specifically destined for the agritourism activity are the courtyard animals, the vegetable garden and the plots, destined for typical crops of the area, spelled and anise, which are used to introduce guests to the local culinary tradition, based above all on flour and vegetables.

During the day it is possible to follow the activities that take place in the company.

On the farm there is a multipurpose field (tennis and five-a-side football) in synthetic grass where you can play outdoors, away from the noise, immersed in the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

For the more experienced it is possible to go on horseback excursions, to discover the surrounding hills, or a simple ride in tranquility in the park suitable for people of all ages.

A beautiful swimming pool is available for our guests to relax in the sun and enjoy our spectacular panorama.

Together with local products we offer you the history, the tradition of recipes of more or less known local dishes. We offer you the wines produced on the farm, our oil, the famous anise-based distillates and products linked to the seasons and local anniversaries and holidays.

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