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Who we are

The origins and the location

The same family has been cultivating this farm for centuries, which takes its name from the house of the owners. Now to lead it are Pompilio Francesco and Carla who have inherited from their parents not only the land, but also the passion for the activities of the fields to which they dedicate themselves full time. In fact, to bloom refers to the black lily of Siena, the city from which the ancestors came in the sixteenth century.


The fund is located in the hills of the Piceno in a sweet and very varied landscape. Looking north you can see some villages perched on the hills and the colors of the countryside. Towards the south the Apennines with the distant peaks of the Gran Sasso and Maiella and the nearest gullies, typical formations of bluish clays with a vegetation of broom and tamarisk, distantly also the sea.

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